Meet the team
Meet the team
About us: Mini PC's and more

MiniDis is your Distributor of choice for mini-PC's, IoT Innovations and Datacenter Solutions.

MiniDis distributes innovative and ultra-low power consuming mini-PC's of brands like DMP, Compulab, ECS LIVA, Minix, Intel NUC and many more.

We deliver our products en services across Europe to our partners with their wide range of business activities. From narrowcasting to automotive, marine, IoT and industrial purposes.

Previously known as Glomos, Minidis BV has over 15 years of IT and industrial experience. The mini-PC's in our product portfolio are carefully selected based on functionality, quality and durability. In a rapidly changing market our products and services have been expanded through the years by customer demand towards IoT and Industrial Networking such as routers and data solutions.